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Brand Story & Enrollment Campaign

Kolbe Academy is a homeschool and online school based in Napa, California. After a period of rapid growth, they looked to capitalize on their momentum by producing an enrollment video campaign. The brand story was the centerpiece of the campaign with the additional 30+ pieces of content filling in smaller roles where needed. The greatest testament to the campaign's success was when a new family, while researching a competitor's programs, signed up after watching the Kolbe video.

Kolbe Academy - Brand Story

Kolbe Academy - Brand Story

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Every organization has a story. Telling the Kolbe story on video was a no-brainer. Seeing their graduates' and family's faces light up when they spoke about their experiences was something you just can't replicate in text. Those personal stories and facial expressions really expressed the value and heart behind the organization.

In this project, like many others, working with people that were not used to appearing on camera was a challenge. However, setting the stage for a comfortable encounter let us get the best responses from our interviewees. For the scenes with action, setting up non-actors for success was mostly about giving them an everyday task that they could do without thinking. This project was successful because we planned well, helped everybody feel comfortable on camera, and worked with a great client that had a collaborative attitude.

We filmed this project over two days and then delivered a truckload of video and photo assets a few weeks later.