Inter America Title Group

Awareness Campaign

Thanks for inviting me to help create this campaign!


At the end of the project we will have 3 short videos that promote and generate awareness of Inter America Title Group's new location in The Woodlands.


By highlighting IATG's exceptional communication, multilingual capabilities, and temporarily reduced fees, we will produce a series of videos that attract business to the new location. Building trust and familiarity are key for businesses in new locations. These videos will help cultivate those feelings in IATG's target audience.


This quote includes pre-production (planning), on-location production, and post-production (editing). I have also included an alternate option below that I feel would benefit IATG.

If you are happy to move forward, please accept this quote and we will get to work!

Best wishes!

JW Beatovich

Signing Contract

The Plan

Pre-production is when we will write the scripts and plan the key visuals that will have the maximum impact on your target audience. For this project, we'll write three short scripts that can be delivered on-screen by members of your staff. Each script will differentiate IATG from similar companies in the area by highlighting IATG's exceptional communication, multilingual capabilities, and reduced fees. We will plan the shots to be clean and simple so that the audience's attention is not pulled from the heart of the message.

The Shoot

We will be able to capture everything we need in 1 day.

On that day we will need to film individuals reciting the scripts and some complimentary footage to enhance the visual appeal. Some aspects of production will need prior arrangement. We will need to select an appropriate location or space to film the scripts and we will need people to reenact a signing or similar activity.

The Edit

It's my job to ensure everything we shoot looks as high quality as possible. The edit will allow me to arrange the moments we've captured in the most engaging way possible.

As an awareness campaign, the purpose of these videos is to get as many of the right people watching them as possible. Depending on your preferred publishing platform, I will create versions that are optimized for each platform.

Signing a Contract

Alternate Production

In addition to the three short highlight videos, I recommend producing a standalone video that will live on your website's homepage. This video would incorporate similar points as the other videos (great communication, well-defined process, multilingual abilities, and reduced fees), but will combine those to form a sales and awareness asset that will work on your behalf 24/7. Creating this video would involve a bit more shooting and an additional video edit.

Video Camera


The total cost for this project and deliverables is $1,500. New requests or additional deliverables will be determined in a separate estimate. The breakdown of costs is listed below.

  • Pre-production: $300

  • Production: $600

  • Post Production: $600

  • Alternate production: additional $500*

The total cost will be broken into two payments. An initial payment of 50% ($750) is due to begin work. The final payment of 50% ($750) is due within 30 days of final delivery.

*Initial and final payments will be adjusted if you would like to proceed with the alternate production.

Let me know if we can get started!

Thanks! We'll be in touch soon.